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Potentiate s'associe à Vision Critical Australia

July 8, 2019
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Potentiate, a leading Australian-based data intelligence company, focussed on customer experience measurement and management, employee engagement, and market insights, today announced it has conditionally acquired Vision Critical Australia, an authority in the collection and application of consent data. Upon completion of the acquisition, the combined businesses will operate as Potentiate under the leadership of Peter Harris as CEO and Henry Cheang as Chairman.

The collaboration brings together two like-minded businesses with a shared objective - to help brands strengthen customer relationships and deliver exceptional human experiences. The move will also see Potentiate expand and collaborate in additional markets around the world.

Peter Harris, says, ‘It’s a great cultural fit. We are bringing together two highly-skilled teams, who are experts in their specific areas of customer intelligence, to create a global consultancy business, offering clients the opportunity to better understand their customers, build deeper relationships and deliver exceptional human experiences.’

Henry Cheang, former Potentiate CEO and now Chairman says, ‘We’re passionate about understanding human behaviour and helping brands build stronger relationships with their customers. When the opportunity came with Vision Critical to add their online communities and agile approach to research to our existing services, we jumped at the chance’.

Harris adds, ‘It’s a logical extension to join the breadth of CX offered by Potentiate’s existing suite of services with the depth of understanding gained by Vision Critical’s online communities’.

The transition of Vision Critical’s services in Australia is the latest step in the company’s long-stated journey to become a world-class SaaS customer insights company. This move keeps Vision Critical on course to achieve its mission of creating new business value through the iterative collection and application of consent data that enables organizations to directly engage and understand their customers.

Potentiate becomes a value-added strategic partner of Vision Critical and will work toward a shared objective of continued global growth and expansion.

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About Potentiate

Potentiate is an Australian-based data intelligence company, focussed on customer experience management, employee engagement and market insights. Potentiate offers a consultancy-led approach, coupled with world-class technology and smart research design. Diverse in nature and approach, Potentiate embraces fresh ideas and forward thinking: having the courage to challenge not just what you see, but the way in which you see it. Potentiate has been in the marketing, market research and technology industry for over 20 years. When working with Potentiate, quality and security are assured, proven by Potentiate’s ISO27001 and Fair Data accreditations, as well as multiple industry accolades at national, regional and global levels, including winning the Temkin CX Vendor excellence award.

About Vision Critical

Vision Critical builds customer trust and creates new business value, through the collection and application of consent data. With its unique, relationship-based approach, Vision Critical’s Sparq platform lets brands directly interact with communities of opted-in customers. Unlike traditional voice of customer methods, Vision Critical unlocks the real-time feedback that companies need to build better products, deliver better services, and achieve better business outcomes, hand in hand with their own highly-engaged, well-profiled customers.

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*Veuillez noter que Platform One était auparavant connu sous le nom de Potentiate.