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Potentiate et MirrorWave annoncent leur partenariat

August 31, 2020
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Potentiate, a global market research agency with a specific focus on human experience, and MirrorWave, a New Zealand-based company specialising in longitudinal relationship analytics, are excited to announce their partnership to bring even more fresh thinking to the global marketing and market research industry.

The collaboration provides Potentiate with a unique and proven longitudinal system,  a highly respected and widely embraced method in the sciences that is much needed in today’s business world.

Peter Harris, CEO for Potentiate says, “We’re so excited about adding MirrorWave to our suite of services. The power it provides in following customers, employees and partners over time means that companies can create stronger and deeper relationships, leading to greater loyalty and advocacy”.

Director and co-founder of MirrorWave, Reg Price, goes on to say, “Potentiate has a well-deserved reputation for constantly innovating for its clients.  We’re delighted they saw the potential for working together - to bring MirrorWave's specialised longitudinal system, which maps out relationships and experiences over time, to their global network.”

Across the programs they have run for clients around the world, MirrorWave has, on average, halved the number of dissatisfied participants and increased by 2.3x the number of those who are highly satisfied.

It’s a great opportunity for Potentiate to do even more to help clients to understand their customers and employees as humans.

About MirrorWave
MirrorWave feedback software drives profitable outcomes for businesses who are serious about deep, enduring customer relationships - with individual customers, strategic accounts or two-way partnerships.  Our platform makes it easy to get into a rhythm of listening and responding to feedback. We use a world-first longitudinal approach to follow individuals over time, creating relationship stories to show what’s changed and why, what you need to do and if those actions worked.  Our focus on listening and responding at an individual level, over time, generates insights, identifies opportunities and unlocks the potential in key business relationships.
Press contact: Lisa Fitzpatrick |

About Potentiate
Potentiate, a GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative company, is a global market research agency with a specific focus on human experience (‘HX’) – helping clients fulfil their potential by understanding their customers as real people, not just data points.
Potentiate believes in service not just software. We combine research excellence with technology-inspired solutions. Our SwaS approach (Solutions with a Service) means you can tap into our talented team of insight consultants, technologists & data scientists, to help find the right solutions to solve your business challenges and drive positive outcomes.
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*Veuillez noter que Platform One était auparavant connu sous le nom de Potentiate.