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Verve et Potentiate forment un partenariat stratégique mondial

December 15, 2020
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Verve, the leading independent Community Panel specialist in Europe, and Potentiate the leading Insight Community and Integrated Human Experience (HX) Platform and Service player in Asia Pacific, are forming a global strategic partnership.

The partnership will see an increase in locally serviced, global reach for clients of both businesses, with strong in-market service presence in Australia, Malaysia, Japan, USA, UK, France and Germany.

From 15th December, Potentiate in the UK will partner with Verve, providing clients with an enhanced local market service. Potentiate’s business in France and Germany, led by Amélie de Brem, will continue to pioneer their leading HX and Community proposition, further supported by Verve.

The partnership will also drive growth plans in the USA, from Verve’s Chicago base (where it serves Fortune 50 clients such as Walgreens) and Potentiate’s Seattle base.

The pairing will see Verve delivering Potentiate’s proven model of integrating Community Panels and CX (Customer Experience) programmes in a way that delivers increased engagement, quality, efficiency and ROI of research investment.

Peter Harris, CEO of Potentiate says “Potentiate and Verve each have wonderful client relationships with well-known brands globally, and both share a similar vision for the future. I’m delighted to finally work with Andrew Cooper and his team to totally disrupt the global market with quality research outcomes and people at the heart of our strategy”.

Andrew Cooper, Founder and CEO of Verve enthuses “Potentiate and Verve are uniquely positioned in the incredibly hot space where CX and Community Panels intersect. Together, we not only provide a global integrated CX and Community Panel platform, but also a global in-market service presence in key client territories.”

He continues “There are a group of big CX and DIY community panel platforms out there who want to sell high cost, low service software propositions. Together, Potentiate and Verve are a disruptive force all about serving the other half of the market who, we believe, want service from brilliant, capable people, empowered by great tech. We will help them not only see the potential, but we also “have their back” to guarantee delivering that potential to their stakeholders in an empowering, business-changing, career enhancing way.”

À propos de Potentiate

Potentiate helps clients realise their potential by understanding and predicting human behaviour, enabling them to build better products, provide superior services, and deliver exceptional human experiences (‘HX’).

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About Verve

Verve is Europe’s leading agile insight and community panel specialist, helping businesses make better decisions through smarter and more agile research,  communicated in more inspirational ways.

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Andrew Cooper, Verve CEO & Founder
Peter Harris, Potentiate CEO
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*Veuillez noter que Platform One était auparavant connu sous le nom de Potentiate.